Unlike most barbers Pierre Joiner aka “Peeglazinbarber” didn’t begin cutting hair until the mature age of 25. After trying his hand in various things… from the streets, to the U.S Army, to real estate, to several different factory positions… he finally found his passion in the hair industry. After only 3 years of barbering (two different barber/cosmetology schools, working at two different shops, and honing his craft)…
Pee became a shop owner in 2011. With a innovative vision and a mentality leaning more towards the business side (rather than the sport). He is definitely on the path to new heights…
Residing in Milwaukee, WI (a city oftentimes overlooked by the masses in many arenas, let alone the barber industry)… Pee is a prime example that anyone (from anywhere) can rise above the perils and traps of a environment plagued by violence, crime, and low employment rates.
One of Pee’s goals is to push the envelope to boundaries unseen in his area, while simultaneously adding value and originality to his community and a multi-billion dollar industry!
If your looking for professional, skilled, and reliable service… contact Pee today and book the “unprecedented experience.”#glazincutz
9 years experience
414- 301-FADE (3233)

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